Telecentric Optical System

In a telecentric optical system, there is no change in magnification when focusing. Thus, the magnification remains constant at different working distances. Similarly, the movement of an object also does not change the magnification, which makes a telecentric lens ideal for measuring objects with high accuracy. In a telecentric optical system, the chief rays are parallel to the optical axis. As a result, the aperture becomes greater as the magnification is fixed by the focusing rays. This means that the F-number on a telecentric lens tends to be larger when compared to a standard megapixel lens.

Application Examples
Model Format Size (Inch) Magnification Range Shooting Magnification W.D(mm) Mount Shooting Range(mm) Size(mm)
4/3 1.2 1.1 1 1/1.2 2/3 1/1.8 1/2 1/3
LM1138TC 2.0× 2.0× 80.6 C 9.20×6.90 Φ64×151
Model LM1138TC
Magnification Range 2.0×
Image Size(mm) 18.4×13.8(Φ23)
Shooting Magnification 2.0×
Object side N.A. 0.2
W.D(mm) 80.6
4/3 inch 9.20×6.90
1 inch 6.40×4.8
2/3 inch 4.4×3.3
TV Distortion 0.1
Back Focus in Air(mm) 15
Mount C-mount
Resolution 120lp/mm
Size(mm)(∞) Φ64×151.0
Weight(g) 830
Temperature Range -10℃〜+50℃
Storage Temperature Range -20℃〜+60℃